Smart parking solutions for cities

A city faces many challenges

People are moving into cities, traffic increases.

Low efficiency of inspection

without the possibility of targeted parking policy enforcement

Demand for parking spaces exceeds their supply

Poor payment morale

(typically around 40-60%)

Alignment of needs of residents and visitors

of respondents would use a parking application for search for parking spots and for the payment of parking fees


of parking spaces owners would share their spots when they are not being used by them.


of drivers regularly use

a mobile app for turn-by-turn navigation.


of users would appreciate

a comfortable mobile payment

of parking fees.


Survey performed in 03/2017 based on a sample of 698 respondents

On-street parking

Increased utilization of your parking spaces

and better payment morale.

Off-street parking

Smart parking for closed parking

lots such as shopping malls

Administration application for the city

Overview of parking lots, up-to-date occupancy information.

Administration and configuration of parking lots. Setting of parking policies and tarrifs.

Report and life parking statistics, comparisons and trends.

Registered parking fee payments (information of payments according to plate numbers) and unauthorized parking.

Administration of users and permits (i.e. handicapped people, electric vehicles etc...)

Mobile application for drivers

Search for free parking space close to your POI and up-to-date occupancy information.

Navigation to your parking lot (with automatic redirection in case the lot becomes occupied).

Purchase of parking tickets and comfortable payment using the mobile application

Notification of the approaching end of the validity

of a ticket with the possibility to prolong it.

Sharing of private parking spaces.


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